exampleS of the feedback we receive:

“[Mr. Trisef’s] presentation was one of the most dynamic and impactful I have seen in my nearly 20 years in education.” – Eric Sanderson, Librarian, Desert Heights Elementary – Reno, NV

“Mr. Trisef was amazing! He sparked the interest of even my little readers who will not pick up a big book. I'm so glad I got the set for my library!” – Jennifer Shrum, Librarian, J.E. Cosgriff Memorial School – Salt Lake City, UT

“[We] really appreciated the Oracle Series presentation. [Our] kids are so excited and devouring the books! Please thank Mr. Trisef for making the presentation engaging and sparking their imagination and enthusiasm.” – Sarah Marino, Principal, Carson Elementary – Carson, WA

“Your assembly helped to validate students whom are avid readers, and sparked students' curiosity to become avid readers. I have taught for 12 years and feel that was one of the most engaging assemblies to-date. Thank you!” – Carri Cooper, 6th grade Science and Social Studies teacher, Farnsworth Elementary – West Valley City, UT

“Thank you so very much for the AMAZING assembly! There is a buzz around school about all of your cool adventures and your wonderful message of reading, writing, science and morals.” – Kari Brandt, Roosevelt Elementary – Vancouver, WA


“Our son is severely dyslexic and is not a fan of reading, at all. We were absolutely thrilled when he came home excited and motivated about Mr. Trisef's series. My husband and I love the message being portrayed to today's youth and are extremely grateful for C.W. Trisef!” – Appreciative Mother – San Marcos, TX


“What a fabulous day it was with Mr. Trisef. The students, parents, and teachers / staff absolutely loved the presentation. Mr. Trisef was so personable and easy going that the entire morning was awesome. I so appreciate you contacting us to experience such a great person.” – Jennifer Lawrence, Teacher, Earl B. Lundy Elementary – Mount Charleston, NV


“Thank you so much for an incredible visit. [Mr. Trisef] honestly gave the best author presentation we have ever had. What a great guy. The kids loved him. Thanks again.”  – Bernedette Thompson, Patterson Elementary – Gilbert, AZ


“Thank you for sparking an interest in reading for my son today. He has struggled for several years with reading, but came home so excited having met you and getting your autograph that he read all night. Thank you for visiting Jefferson Middle School today and inspiring kids to read!!” – Proud Mama – San Diego, CA


“Thanks for coming. I'm sure the students enjoyed it as much as I did if not more. I think you might have inspired a whole school to be readers and writers. Awesome, thanks again!” – Barb "The Crossing Guard" – Denver, CO


“What a sweet man. So good with the kids and I am so happy to support such a great person and his vision. The kids were really excited about the series. Thank you for thinking of the smaller schools.”  – Glenda Bush, Kings Valley Charter – Philomath, OR


“Holy mysteries Batman! I just had a 3rd grade class wipe out my world's mysteries books. Bermuda Triangle, Lost City of Atlantis, Abominable Snowman...you name it, they are gone! Thanks for exciting our kids to learn about something they have yet to discover!”   Anita Day, Birch Elementary – Nampa, ID


“I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful presentation. I enjoyed every minute! My students and I were really thrilled to be invited! Mr. Trisef was so engaging, informative, and personable! Thanks for everything!”  – Gracie Hynes, 7th grade teacher, Cupertino Middle School – Sunnyvale, CA


“Mr. Trisef, I just wanted to let you know how your visit inspired my 4th grade son to read. For the first time in his life he became interested in books. He read all of your books and even dressed up as Ret for Halloween. You will be our favorite author for life, thank you so much!” – Mother Forever In Your Debt – Whichita, KS


“I had one student borrow a copy of the first book from me on Thursday then returned it to me on Friday ready for book #2. It doesn't get much better than that!”  – Helen Turner, English Teacher, Bancroft Middle School – San Leandro, CA


“The assembly went great! Lots of teachers responded positively to me and to Mr. Trisef about his presentation. They loved the fact that he mentioned he didn't really like reading when he was their age, but then learned to love reading. That really appealed to a lot of the students here. One teacher mentioned he thought it was the best author assembly we have had. Another student -- a difficult reader to please -- gave him a high five as Mr. Trisef was leaving and thought his books were the coolest and called him "The Oracle Man."  Coming from that kid, that is a high compliment. So, yes, the post-assembly response has been amazing. I've had to create a waiting-list in my library for his books.”  – Ann Walker, Enoch Elementary – Enoch, UT


“Thank you so much! That was TOTALLY cool! I can't wait until the next time!”  – Di Lau-Yee, Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary – San Francisco, CA


“A student was sent to my office for lunch detention for misbehaving during class. We discussed his behavior and I let him know he would be staying with me for the rest of the lunch period to reflect on his behavior. He asked if he could quickly finish his reflection and then borrow my copy of "Oracle - Sunken Earth" (I turn my head to keep from laughing as I hand him my copy of the book). After lunch, he asked if he could come back tomorrow and finish reading the book. I love it!!! You can't make this stuff up!” – Norma Spencer, Principal, Alexander Science Center School – Los Angeles, CA


“The assembly was incredible and such a treat for the kids! Thank you so much for this opportunity.”  – Charis Gibbs, Monroe Elementary - San Leandro, CA


“Thank you so much for reaching out to us with this opportunity! Our kids were rapt during the entire presentation and left extremely excited. This was such a memorable experience for our kiddos and we are so glad that we got the opportunity to partner with you and hope to be able to do so again in the future!” – Mariah Kelly, Master Teacher, Osborn Middle School – Phoenix, AZ


“My daughter came home excited about a book series finally! Maybe I'll be able to get her to read regularly now! She was rambling about this author visit! So excited!” – Grateful Father – Washington, DC


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“I wanted to tell you that the students loved the assembly today. Mr. Trisef did a great job. It was very enjoyable as well as educational. Thanks for the opportunity!” – Cara Algarin, Library Media Clerk, Sunrise Elementary School – Phoenix, AZ


“The kids were thrilled to meet Mr. Trisef today and see his assembly presentation. I heard kids talking about it at lunch and recess for the rest of the day! Thank you again for your help in coordinating Mr. Trisef's visit. We enjoyed his visit very much!” – Wendy Morris, Lee Elementary – Canby, OR


“I thought the assembly was awesome! The students responded very well and were excited afterward. Thanks so much for providing this opportunity for or students.” – Shelly S. Edmunson, Media Specialist, New Plymouth School District – New Plymouth, ID


“What a HIT at the school! Wow! First thing [my daughter] asked when we got home, Mom do I finish my other book or start Oracle? This is going to be BIG. Mr. Trisef was phenomenal with the presentation and equally so in engaging and connecting to the students! It says something when there is a line of students in the front office trying to use the one phone to call their parents for a CC number to order a book. C.W. Trisef, you are on your way!” – Student’s Mother, Westside Magnet Charter School – Bend, OR


“The students loved seeing Mr. Trisef and chatting it up! An author as a role model and celeb...who would have thought! Our team here looks forward to working with you in the near future! We have a sister site of 6-8th grade if you would like to add it to your fall visit!” – An Ta, El Camino Middle / El Primero High School – San Jose, CA

“Our students LOVED it! My heart was so happy when one student replied to my comment of ‘they are even AR books’ with ‘I don't care if they are AR books, I am going to read them anyway’. Thank you so much for your visit.” – Diane Kallen, Librarian, Zeyen Elementary – Garden Grove, CA

“I hope Mr. Trisef knows how AMAZING he is. The kids absolutely loved the assembly. In fact, I have two non-readers who bought the entire series. Tell me that’s not exciting!?! Thank you so much for helping me set this up for our school!” – Trisha Papenfuss, Teacher, Clackamas Web Academy – Clackamas, OR

“Every one of our Scholars truly enjoyed the assembly! Mr. Trisef had our students totally engaged and waiting on the edge of their seats to know more about the Oracle Series. On behalf of the Skyview teachers and staff, I want to truly thank you for reaching out to our campus so that our scholars could enjoy this amazing opportunity!” – Katrina Collins, Principal, Skyview Elementary – Dallas, TX